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Michelle Brett

Custom Design and Sales

Michelle started here 31 years ago; it was her first real job. If we sold a diamond it was a big deal back in the day - she remembers calling Beth on the phone "we broke $1000 today!" Michelle learned on the job and took on what needed to be done. Because Beth and Wayne invested a lot in her, she was able to do GIA, CAD and an Appraisal Course, she was able to grow with the store. Michelle found her niche was taking people’s old jewelry and turning it into something new, which is also her favorite thing to do. She’s married to Steve and they have a daughter named Mikayla. She’s native to Traverse City and now lives in Leelanau County. Her favorite thing to do is beach combing for rocks/shells that she can then take home and make something out of it. Michelle loves working for this small family-owned business and she’s become part of the family. She loves celebrating people’s special moments, it’s such a joyous job! The reason she loves jewelry so much is because of the sentimental value, it’s the most sentimental object. She can honestly say that she’s never seen a piece of jewelry that I didn’t like. In 31 years, she still see something new almost every day. This says a lot about the jewelry industry, people can still find and make new and innovative pieces that nobody has done before.

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