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Michigan Petoskey Stone

The Petoskey Stone is a lovely example of the unique natural beauty of Michigan. The official state stone since 1965, it’s found along the stunning northern shores of Michigan’s lower Peninsula. Formed through a process called “glaciation,” the stones were plucked from the area’s underlying bedrock by slowly moving sheets of ice and moved across the landscape to land along our gorgeous beaches.

At Miner’s North, the Petoskey Stone is particularly important to us because our store began as a rock shop that was partially founded on the smooth, beautiful Petoskey Stones found and polished by proprietor Wayne Guntzviller. Every stone features a distinctive pattern of fossilized rugose coral that culminates in a splendid lace-like effect and adds intrigue to any fine jewelry piece. With a light, earthy color and white markings, it adds subtle visual interest and local flair to any wardrobe.

Today, you can find Petoskey Stone designs incorporated into items like knife handles and watch faces at Miner’s North Jewelers, or ask our team about custom Petoskey Stone jewelry. Visit our Traverse City store to experience this locally sourced stone and shop our wide collection of Petoskey Stone fine jewelry.