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Lakeshore Diamonds

What Is a Lakeshore Diamond

The Shimmer

A Lakeshore Diamond reminds us of the shimmer of Lake Michigan on the sunniest of days.


A diamond cut especially for us.

Double the Radiance

Traditionally cut diamonds have 58 facets, but a Lakeshore Diamond has 108, giving it twice the amount of shine and brilliance. 

Meticulously Selected

Hand picked personally by our experienced graduate gemologist and General Manager, Jeff, from 20-25 other diamonds.

The Lakeshore Collections

Shooting Star

The Shooting Star Diamonds are what we like to call our sweet spot. They are white in color with tiny imperfections that are invisible to the naked eye. With the combination of white color and good clarity, these diamonds are truly amazing.


The Moonrise Diamonds are almost as white as a diamond can be with unmatched brilliance and sparkle. Moonrise Diamonds will have some clarity characteristics but the brilliance, sparkle and white tone of the diamond are what the eye is drawn to. Like the moonrise reflected in the lake, these diamonds are breathtaking.


The Sunset Diamonds are the best value diamonds. The Sunset Diamond has warmer tones and sparkles like the sun shining down on the lake. You can not find a prettier diamond for the size and price combination of the Sunset Diamond.

Why Three Collections?

In order to make the process simple and offer all possible options, we have three collections for you to choose from.

One collection is not better than the other. All three will sparkle just the same. Each diamond is hand-selected by Jeff, a skilled graduate gemologist and the General Manager. This way we can ensure that you are getting the best diamond for the value, no matter the collection.

We firmly believe that you can’t buy a diamond based only on a report. It’s your eyes that will tell you which one is right for you. Because of this, we have various selections available to suit your individual personality and style.

Our Sourcing Partner

To us, the sparkle and brilliance are the most important aspects of a diamond. Because of that, we wholeheartedly believe that you must see a diamond in person to gauge its beauty. No two diamonds are exactly the same. Even if they have similar specifications on paper, they’ll look different in real life. We hand-select each and every Lakeshore Diamond so that  we can offer you options you can’t find anywhere else. At Miner’s North you’ll find the most gorgeous diamond possible for your budget.

Our Promise - What You Can Expect From Us

  • Lifetime Maintenance
  • Miner’s North Lifetime Warranty
  • Flexible Financing and Payment Options
  • Hand-Selected Diamonds
  • Diamond Upgrade Program
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • On-Site Jeweler
  • 30-day Return Policy
  • Local & Family Owned

We truly want you to feel like family

Family is the cornerstone of our lives and our store. We cherish being part of your most precious moments. So, it’s imperative that you’re 110% satisfied with the jewelry you purchase and the service you receive at Miner’s North.

The 4C's of Diamonds

We believe the most important quality in a diamond is the cut. The cut determines the brilliance, fire and sparkle that catches your eye from across the room. In our opinion, the other 3 C's, Carat, Color and Clarity are subjective and come down to personal preference.

Traditionally cut diamonds have only 58 facets, but each of our Lakeshore Diamonds features 108 facets. Each additional facet provides an extra surface for light to reflect off, resulting in double the brilliance and sparkle.

Traditional Diamond vs Lakeshore Diamond