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Alyssa Pryor

Sales Manager

Alyssa is a Traverse City native that has been in the jewelry business for over 16 years and has been here at Miner's North just over a year. Originally hired as a cashier while going through college, she discovered jewelry was her passion and she wanted it to be her career! After graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Management with a Leadership Effectiveness Specialty, she was promoted 4 times within 3 years, managing 3 different locations, which lead to running a multi-million dollar store in Springfield, Missouri. However, she realized there is no place like home and reached out to Jeff, a former High School classmate, and asked if Miner's North was hiring. According to her, it is the best career move she has ever made! She loves selling love and happiness, and what better place to do it than her hometown. Being able to share milestone moments in customer's lives is her favorite part of the job! Outside of work, you can find her cooking, baking, or barbecuing, or spending time outdoors hiking, kayaking, or skiing with her friends and family, or her beautiful dog, Stella.

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